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Anaphylaxis food allergy mom living in the Philly Burbs but grew up in Lancaster, PA • International Selling Children's Book Author • Realtor • Food Allergy Advocate • Top #200 Firm CPA Partner wifey • Traded in the high priced Equestrian lifestyle for the (just as thrilling and -- just as expensive) child wrangling lifestyle • Amateur baker and recipe substitution Queen • Crossing bridges as I get to them --unless -- my anxiety says otherwise • Always here to lend an ear and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

With much love and support,

Megan Nolt-Herr

"I personally, can't sit idly by when my child is faced with a life altering condition. As moms, we are their biggest advocates and their personal cheerleaders. We must not be afraid to stand up and make a difference for their cause. We will be their voice. We will be their change." - Megan Nolt-Herr
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