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What's in OUR Anaphylaxis Pack

May 5, 2021

 What's in OUR Anaphylaxis Pack

When you're in the middle of an Emergency that last thing you need to be-- is fumbling around. Am I right? Being prepared is BEST!⁠

Here is what is in our PracMedic Bag:⁠
✔️2 Epi Auto Injectors⁠
✔️Action Plan w/ Allergist Info⁠
✔️Sanitizing Wipes⁠
✔️Medication Package Insert for Epi Injector- Being a Certified Pharmacy Technician since 2003, I always like to be overly prepared and that little packet of info can come in handy at times. ⁠
✔️2 doses of Pre-filled syringes of Benadryl with Dose, Lot# and Expiration Date⁠ written on a sticker tag.⁠
✔️1 dose of Pre-filled syringe of Tylenol with Dose, Lot# and Expiration Date written on a sticker tag.⁠

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What is in your Emergency Kit? Share in the comments!⁠

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