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How to Advocate for Food Allergy Signage at Community Parks- Part 2

March 17, 2019

So my food allergy signs PASSED the governing board. They will be hung up by late Spring, beginning of Summer. YAY!!!! I'm so relieved. If there is one thing about me, if I set my mind to something, I.cannot.fail!

So let me go back, to my last meeting.

I had to attend the Township's Governing Board meeting. That was the final meeting. The make it or break it moment. It was a new set of Board members from the Parks and Recs Board. So I used my first presentation, just went over the key points from that and then added the new information.

At my first meeting, I didn't have costs or placements of the signs. So I made sure to go over that information, now that I had it. I reminded them that, this wouldn't be coming out of the tax payer dollars. It would totally, 100%, be privately funded.

They were all really receptive about it. There was lots of smiles, nodding in agreement and great feedback from the other members of the community. It was a packed house! It made me proud that I had so much support from everyone there, including my neighbors, who have been great with being supportive and coming to the meetings with me. There will also be a write up about it in our township newsletter.

So the next steps will be:

-The wording of the signs need the final ok by the township's lawyer, once that comes back then they will be off to production!

-Then I will go out with the Road Master and hang the signs or show him where the hang the signs.


I hope by sharing this journey with all of you, that you will reach out to your townships and get food allergy signs hung up. I can be with you every step of the way. Just email me or drop me a DM on Instagram @the_alherrgy_mom I have complete faith in you, that you too, can achieve this!

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