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How to advocate for Food Allergy Signage at Community parks. Part 4- Success!!

May 15, 2019

How to advocate for Food Allergy Signage at Community parks. Part 4- Success!!

Thank You to everyone who donated!! My GoFundMe doesn’t reflect the actual donations. I got the majority through private transactions. I was able to meet my goal. The signs have been printed and are starting to pop up around the township at the parks. I’m beyond happy with how Amity Township has handled my proposal, how the road master listened to where I wanted them to hang. I’m so happy to be living in such a great area.

I’m also excited to announce that I have had multiple people contact me regarding getting signs hung up in their communities. The ripple effect has been working it’s magic. Two communities in California are getting food allergy signs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if every park had these types of signs??!

Thank You Amity Township Board of Supervisors, the Parks and Rec and the Road crew!!!


  1. Congrats! Another achievement! You’ve inspired me as you know. We are slowly getting somewhere. You’ll definitely be in the know!

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