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FARE's Chef Cards

February 2, 2019

FARE's Chef Cards

The Food Allergy Research and Education  have these handy dandy little cards. They have seriously been a life saver. We don't go out to eat often (and we only eat at one or two places) but when we do, I always hand our server our son's allergy chef's card. We ask the server to take it to the manager, so we know that his food gets handled the appropriate way. 

I love the fact that you can write in the food allergies and it has, clearly typed, how to properly handle and prepare a food allergy person's meal. Parents or caregivers don't have to try to explain, the server doesn't have to write anything down or remember anything. Only thing they have to do is show the manager. It just makes the whole eating out process, easier. It's still nerve racking but it helps. 

To make the cards hold up longer, I got some laminating sheets off of Amazon. Within seconds, I have a nice sturdy, easy to clean, card to hand around. 

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