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Pediatric Allergists - The Great and The Bad

April 15, 2021

Pediatric Allergists - The Great and The Bad

I've heard it more than I should! I also experienced it myself. The BAD Allergist. Now, I'm not here to bash Allergists with all professions - there are the great, good, bad and horrible. 

Lucas started with eczema within hours of being born. Took us 6 months to figure out he had food allergies. My mom gave him a little ice cream and he broke out in hives around his mouth. We just happened to have our 6 month appt at the pediatrician the next day. I took pictures to document the hives and the reaction to show the doctor (Always take pictures!!!!). Our pediatrician said we needed to see an Allergist, obviously, my mind was already there before we even stepped foot in the office. He gave me a recommendation for a 'great' Allergist, a doctor that used to work at that Pediatrician's office but then found his calling for being an Allergist and started his own practice. So, I took his card on the way out and immediately called to schedule an appointment. We got in a few days later. Between the Pediatrician appointment and the Allergist's appointment, it gave me some time to talk to people. I heard that if you have one allergy, it's likely you may have more, my research confirmed that. I also did some research on the skin tests and had a rough game plan in my head.

It was appointment day. We go to the Allergist, yes, he was noted to be a pediatric Allergist. The nurse was horrible. Now, I'm not any way "that mom" who's is overly over the top with being dramatic or they gotta be super-extra-soooooooo-careful. The nurses bedside manor was lacking and if I'm feeling it, then we have a problem here. The Allergist came in, we went over the dairy reaction, explained everything and how I was breastfeeding. He said he was only going to test for dairy and nothing else since dairy was the only thing he reacted to. I requested a Top 8 panel to be tested and he refused, said to just feed him foods and see if he reacts. ** Our current Allergist, won't skin test for everything either but more on that shortly. I said he's not really eating food yet, he's getting what I'm ingesting and it's going to be hard to figure out reactions. In fact, I haven't given him any table food yet. The ice cream was a one off and he reacted to it. You can't tell a new mom with a NEW proven diagnosis of food allergies to "just do" anything when it comes to food. I was just appalled between the nurse and him. The skin test came, she jabbed it in, he's crying. Then he hands us a prescription for Epi-Pens and sends us on our way. 

I left that appointment so frustrated and scared to eat anything. I immediately, texted my neighbor. Her son has food allergies. She gave me her Allergist's info and they love him. I called that office, the receptionist was amazing, so nice! They had a last minute cancelation two days later. I jumped on it. 

We walked into that office and the atmosphere was just better. I could feel it. The Allergist came into the room, immediately started to play games with Lucas. Lucas was laughing and giggling. He gained Lucas' trust and got on his level before he did anything. The nurse, equally was just a great! I spoke to the Allergist about our previous Allergist appointment. He said, he will definitely do a Top 8 panel, I was so relieved but other foods, we will have try and see if he reacts. There can be false positives with any test. I nodded my head in agreement. His panel came back positive for Dairy, Egg, mildly for Soy and Peanut. So I needed to cut that all out of my diet if I was going to continue to breastfeed. I wanted to call up the other Allergist and go off on him but I didn't. I'm happy we got a second opinion!!!!! The nurse came in, did the skin test. She was gentle, explained everything as she was doing it. Lucas didn't even cry. Not one tear! After the results, she rubbed on some hydrocortisone cream to this back to relieve the itching and reactions. The first office didn't do this. I just knew, this was going to be our Allergist! 

We Challenged Soy and Peanut before he was 11 months old because his reaction was mild. He can eat them no problem. He can have baked egg now- that was around 2 years old. We tried cooked egg a year later and he went into Anaphylaxis at the office, so we went back to baked egg. He grew out of dairy, as well, around 2 years old. But since then, he's now allergic to Tree Nuts and Peas. 

The moral of the story is. Go with your gut. A second opinion NEVER hurts! ALWAYS ask for referrals from friends and family, they know how the offices work and have had first hand experiences. I made the rookie mistake of asking a doctor for a referral for another doctor. Of course, they will always refer their friends or previous coworker. 

If you're local to Southeast PA or don't mind a drive - I HIGHLY recommend Allergy and Asthma Specialists they have 8 offices in the area. 

Remember, I'm here if you need an ear. 

With love and support,

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